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N2 Track Day (2015)
The May 2015 Beaver Run Track Day sponsored by N2 Track Days!We had an awesome time, go check out their Facebook page and website to see if you can join in on the fun!
Laurel Highlands Grass Drags (Nov 8, 2015)
Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club allowed up to be a part of their grass drags!Here are some of the pictures!
2016 Pittsburgh RV Show
Mosites Motorsports enjoyed the time it spent at the 2016 Pittsburgh RV show, showcasing Cam-Am, Kawasaki, Ducati, Triumph, and Honda.
Triumph Bonneville Reborn Tour
Mosites Motorsports was selected to be one of the few dealerships in the country to experience in the 2016 Bonneville line up featuring the new T120, Street Twin, and Thruxton R! We even got a sneak peak of the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple, still under embargo at the time!
2016 Pittsburgh International Auto Show
Thank you all who joined us for the 2016 Pittsburgh International Auto Show at the David L. Lawrence Convention!Give us a call for some higher end pictures!
2015 Latrobe Speedway
A few of our proud Mosites Motorsports family members are being decorated for their success and improvements in their various classes!Good job!
2016 Finleyville Airport Fly-In
Finleyville Airport was kind enough to invite us to their Fly-In. We had an absolute blast!
Kawasaki H2R
A lucky customer took one of these home from us!
2016 Ducati Demo Weekend
Mosites Motorsports hosted a three day Ducati Demo Weekend here at the dealership!
2016 Three River's Regatta
We were lucky enough to attend the Three River's Regatta and were able to show-case a unique product we have started to carry here at the dealership!
2016 Riverbration in Kittanning!
Mosites Motorsports was invited to Kittanning's triumphant return in their power boat racing endeavors! With high-octane fun, music, and TONS of food, this event was a blast to be a part of! Did you know that the last time these happened were 20 years ago!?
FlyDive Demo Day and Training Day!
FlyDive's XBoard is incredibly fun, but does require proper training in order to use it properly. With the training we received from FlyDive's team, we are qualified to train you in the proper and safe utilization of the XBoard. This also allows you to make use of the warranty!We did have a little fun!
2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
Mosites Motorsports was invited to attend the 2016 Pittsburgh Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. And we had a blast.
2016 Monster Energy Cup Viewing Party
Mosites Motorsports decided that everyone needs to watch the Monster Energy Cup! So we stayed late, grabbed some food and drink, and cheered for our favorite racer!
2016 Laurel Highlands Grass Drags
Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club hosted the 2016 Grass Drags and welcomed us and allowed us to have a ton of fun! Thanks so much and see you next year!
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