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Here you'll find our qualified and factory trained Service Managers, Assistant Managers, Secretary, and Technicians.

Eric Hineline

Service Manager
Three year veteran with Mosites Motorsports with a heavy background in anything with a motor. From old stand up Jet-Skis to dirt bikes, street bikes, side by sides, and more, Eric has ridden for 20+ years.

Dale Wilson

Lead Service Writer
Dales has ridden anything with two wheels since "The Beginning", which is about 15 years, and has worked at Mosites Motorsports for "Too Long", also known as about 5 years.

Brian Detman

Service Technician
Factory Trained and enthusiast bred, Brian has been riding for 20 or so years, celebrating his 5th year at Mosites Motorsports in 2016. Anything with a motor and electronics, Brian loves, He's a glutton for punishment so your electrical gremlins are his specialty!

Timmy Perrelli

Service Technician
Timmy has been riding for over 25 years, making his dirt debut on a 1977 RM80 (with a '79 seat). A sport bike and knee dragging fan through and through, you'll see him on his custom built sport bike blazing through the town. Carburetion is commonplace to this old school rider, but can fix anything! He has been with Mosites Motorsports for 5 years.

Austin Woods

Service Technician
Our newest team member, Austin trained at Power Sports Institute (PSI) with a personal background in anything that rides on the dirt. A true enthusiast for the past 15 years of riding, Austin spends his time bringing old toys back from the dead!

"Jocko" Deflavis

Service Technician
Rumor has it that "Jocko" rode a two stroke race bike out of the womb... That he built. When he isn't at the shop or plugged into a wall to recharge his batteries you'll find him on his hand built Sea-Doo PWC, customized Ducati, his Honda CRF 250L, or in one of his four wheeled projects. A Sea-Doo factory trained technician with the ability to work on just about anything, you'll find him forever finding new things to learn about or discovering new ways to go faster. We have no idea how old he is.


Here you will find our veteran parts staff with expertise in every area of power sports!

Don Vasilatos

Parts Manager
Donnie's been riding anything with 2, 3, and 4 wheels since he was four years old. A sport bike enthusiast turned cruiser fan because "I'm old now," he began his employment here in February of 2016. With his heavy background in anything powersports related, he plans on provided a unique and pleasurable customer experience with fast and accurate sales. Loves dogs a lot. He requests you bring in your dogs so he can pet them.

Don Gossar

PAC Specialist
Don is a lifetime rider with a dirt purest heart! With over 15 years in the parts industry, Don usually has all the answers!

Mike Balogh

PAC Specialist
Mike is a certified MSP instructor with over 25 years of experience split between both the street and dirt! He's able to make sure you can get your bike back to pristine condition!

Kali Simmons

PAC Specialist
Kalli is our newest parts team member, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have the skills to pay the bills. With dual custody of two bikes, she has experience both on dirt and on the road for a total of 8 years with no end in sight! Pay no attention to how her name is spelled. It's pronounced "KAY-LEE".

Emily Brink

Apparel & Gear Specialist
Emily, though a closet Harley-Davidson fan, is our resident apparel and gear specialist. With extensive training with all our brands from Fox, Shift, Bell, Aria, Shoei, Leatt, and more she has the knowledge you need to make sure you have the proper gear to turn faster lap times safer!

Ryan Donovan

PAC Specialist
Ryan has been with Mosites Motorsports coming up on his 3rd year, was likely made inside a test tube as he has two-stroke oil running through his veins, and his heart doesn't "beat," it just makes "BRAAAAAP" noises.

Online Specialists

With a small, but effective team handling our online sales, this small band of brothers makes sure that whatever you need gets to you on time in a package that a meteor couldn't penetrate.

Don Hopchak

Online Sales Manager
Don has been with us for "geez man, 5 years?" and is a poster child for the Can-Am and Ducati enthusiast. With basically any part at his disposal, Don can get you just about any part in the shortest amount of time. He's also part bionic due to the fact that he's broken quite a few bones in his racing career...

Dillon Carey

Online PAC Sales Specialist
Dillon, formerly assisting with shipping and receiving, moved to become an online PAC sales, has made crafting customer relationships swift and effective as well as joining the Online Specialists group with prowess. As a long time dirt rider (8+ years) Dylan has personal expertise providing the best parts for the best customers.


Here you will find our non-commissioned & factory educated salesmen and women to find you the best match for whatever you are looking for!

Alex Hornak

Sales Manager
Alex, a 2 year veteran at Mosites, came to us with 12 years in the power sports industry and 18 years total in saving people money. He has been an avid rider since he was 4 years old and "will tear up anything with a motor!"

Norm Lamacz

Norm has been riding for 42 years and has been here almost as long! (Actually he's been here since 1991). From equal parts dirt and street, now you'll find Norm tearing up trails and dirt tracks all over the place! Due to his extensive time in the industry and with us, there probably isn't an answer Norm can't answer!

Dave Snyder

Dave, a lifetime rider, has been on just about anything with a motor. He's an avid Supercross and Motocross fan, but has been educated first hand on just about anything that makes noises and goes forward.

Brian Henning

Salesman / Used Sales Manager
Brian is Spyder transplant stemming from a history of ATV's, both sport and utility along with having been born in the water. He also is the Used Sales Manager, handling all of your used inventory requests as well as your appraisal values, getting you the most for your bike/spyder/atv/SxS/boat/PWC.

Nick Bucholz

Finance Manager
Nick has been riding since he was six, being 27 at the time of this bios creation. Starting with dirt and street, he has gradually found himself more focused on street riding. As the new finance manager here at Mosites Motorsports, he plans on providing only the best possible rates for our customers as well as creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Damian Resick

Ducati Specialist
Damian took to Italian bikes as a fish takes to water. His love of high-end motorsports can be seen as he finds solace taking a demo unit out so he can provide the best possible information to each of his customers. Damian wants everyone to know that he has nitro-methane running through his veins.

Ryan Hoffman

Ryan is our newest addition, but he's certainly not green to the powersports industry! A recent transplant from North Carolina, Ryan is using his experience assisting customers at previous powersports and automotive jobs to help make sure every person who steps through our doors experiences nothing short of the best.

Michael Branthoover

Mr. Branthoover brings with him a background in motocross racing and enthusiasm for anything on road, off-road, and on the water. He's been riding dirt bikes since before he could touch with his tip-toes and wants to make sure every one of his customers finds their perfect addition.


Here you will find the bios of upper management that are involved in many of the activities "behind the scenes".

John "JJ" Zalenchak

General Manager
John, or JJ, as he is more commonly known, grew up riding dirtbikes and later branched into... well, everything powersports related. Overseeing the entire shop, JJ operates as the man behind the scenes. JJ takes his Kawasaki ZX-6 Track Bike and turns hot laps from time to time as a way to escape from the incredibly fast paced lifestyle that the powersports industry requires.
M-Th10:00 a.m.8:00 p.m.
Fri10:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.
Sat9:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.
SunOut Riding!
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